Hello, I'm Shiroyuki an Illustrator & Character Design
I'm mostly draw a cute and pretty character oc or fanart, vtuber, character design.
My artwork can be used as character reference sheet,
music video, poster, postcard, stream / video thumbnails, etc.
Twitter : @SHiRoyuki003 // Discord : shiroyuki03
Business inquiries📧: [email protected]


+ Base price for 1 character, and actual prices will increase with complexity.
+ Base price excluding tax, will be added separately.
+ Please read Terms of Service.

Character Illustration

Character Bust Up$60
Character Half Body$80
Character Knee Up$90
Character Full Body$100
Couple Package (2 character)$200
Full Illustration with Background$350 - $600
Character Sheet Simple Shading (Fullbody front, side and back view character)$400 - $800
Character Sheet Painting Shading (Fullbody front, side and back view character)$500 - $1000
Costume or Outfit Design (Front and back view costume)$150 - $300


Extra Characters+ Base Price
Splash Background$50 - $100
Background (Depending on the level of difficulty and detail)$70 - $150
Full Background (Depending on the level of difficulty and detail)$200 - $300
Details & Complex Character (Detailed costume, armor, sword, gun, tattoo, tail, wing, etc) *Price per Item$35 - $200
Revision (Max 2x)$25
Project Files (PSD)(x1,5) Total Price
Private or Not Published Commission (Not Commercial)(x1,5) Total Price
Commercial Use License(x2) Total Price
Commercial Use - for certain agency, companies or business entitiesPlease contact!


Male & FemaleR-18 / NSFW
Original (OC) & Fanart CharacterYaoi
Character Anime / Manga / Game / Vtuber, etcGore
Character Design (Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, World of Warcraft, Pokémon, etc) 
Costume Design (Dress, Modern & Traditional, Casual, Sci-fi, Techwear) 
Armor, Weapon, Gun, Sword, etc 
Kemonomimi Ear, Scale, Wing and Tail, etc 
Background Scenery 

Terms of service

✦ Workflow ✦
ㅤㅤ1. Client provides and send clear reference images (e.g. Description, character reference sheet, Pose, Expression, etc).
ㅤㅤ2. Once payment is made, I will start rough sketch process.
ㅤㅤ3. Revisions made during sketch process.
ㅤㅤ4. Lineart and Rendering Phase, updates will be sent at 75% progress or when the client requests it. And before the artwork is sent to the client, a preview will also be sent.
ㅤㅤ5. Commission finished and files sent to client.
✦ File Image Result ✦
ㅤㅤ• Image as PNG / JPG.
ㅤㅤ• Landscape / Portrait.
ㅤㅤ• High Resolution A4 4961px x 7016px with 600 dpi.
ㅤㅤ• Image with "Transparent Background" or "Solid Color" (Add background will add more cost).
✦ Deadline and Working Time ✦
ㅤㅤ• Deadlines will incur additional fees depending on how much time is available and how many other commissions will be pushed back to meet the deadline.
ㅤㅤ• Please don't rush me to finish. If your commission is taking a bit longer, it means you're either around the last list.
ㅤㅤ• Clients are expected to understand if there is a waiting list and commission queue.
Commission delays in case of international holidays (such as Christmas, New Year, etc.).
ㅤㅤ• Commission will be delayed if I have a very sudden or important need that must be resolved / IRL.
✦ Payments and Refunds ✦
ㅤㅤ• Payment is upfront, before I start working on your commission.
ㅤㅤ• Base price excluding tax, will be added on total illustration commission price.Artist will start working when the necessary payment has been made by the client. (Please refer to details of each commission category).
ㅤㅤ• Commission will be cancelled if the payment is not received within 5 days after Artist agree to work on the commission.
ㅤㅤ• Client is not allowed to refund with exception "Client shall be entitled to a refund if Artist does not complete commission deliverables within the deadline proposed by Artist and agreed by Client".
ㅤㅤ• Illustration commissions are non-refundable and clients are not allowed to make any refunds without exception.
✦ Terms of Service for "Personal Use" ✦
ㅤㅤ• Personal use only.
ㅤㅤ• Non-profit use.
ㅤㅤ• Post on social media.
ㅤㅤ• Social media Profile Picture and/or Banner.
ㅤㅤ• Private commissions - are for those who don't want to be posted on my social media.
✦ Terms of Service for "Commercial Use License" ✦
ㅤㅤ• Physical or digital sales (e.g. Merchandise, t-shirts, poster, photo card, keychain, dakimakura, etc).
ㅤㅤ• Streamer, VTuber and other streaming activities.
ㅤㅤ• Video Thumbnails (e.g Youtube, Twitch, etc).
ㅤㅤ• Illustration for Anime Music Video (AMV).
ㅤㅤ• Used for certain agency, companies or business entities (please contact!).
✦ Terms of Service General ✦
ㅤㅤ• Client provide reference (Character Sheet, Description, Pose, Expression, etc).
ㅤㅤ• Revisions made during sketch process.
ㅤㅤ• Maximum revisions are 2x. Additional revisions will cost $25 each, $50 if in base color phase.
ㅤㅤ• Major revisions are prohibited during rendering / shading.
ㅤㅤ• Payment via Paypal or Wise.
ㅤㅤ• Illustration commission is only for PERSONAL USE, if you want to use for COMMERCIAL USE, the license fee is double the price. VTuber and streaming are included in commercial use.
ㅤㅤ• The high-resolution image file will be sent to the client's email.
ㅤㅤ• Clients are not allowed to make modifications to the drawings provided after completion.
ㅤㅤ• Clients will be kept updated throughout the commissioning and estimation process.
ㅤㅤ• Clients are forbidden use my drawing for machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) / non-fungible token (NFT).
ㅤㅤ• I reserve the right to post the artwork as a portfolio/sample on my social media with a commission watermark. (Unless it is a private commission).
ㅤㅤ• Private commissions are for those who don't want to be posted on my social media.
✦ Communication ✦
ㅤㅤDirect Message (DM) through (Discord) shiroyuki#03 or
ㅤㅤ(Twitter) https://twitter.com/SHiRoyuki003
By commissioning shiroyuki (Artist) and reading these , you are expected to agree and understand it!© 2021 Shiroyuki | Future Like a Snow

Twitter : @SHiRoyuki003 // Discord : shiroyuki03
Business inquiries📧 : [email protected]
# For work inquiries please contact and send text below via DM Twitter or Discord :
1). Name : (Your name/nickname)
2). Email : (Paypal & recipient email)
3). Payment : (Paypal)
4). Preferred contacting media : (Email, discord, twitter, ig, etc)
5). Commission Type :
ㅤ- (Personal/Private/Commercial License)
ㅤ- (Bust up/Half body/Full body/Background)
ㅤ- (Potrait/Landscape)
6). Character & References :
ㅤ- Name : (Your character name)
ㅤ- Reference : (Link references attached)
ㅤ- Character Description : (Gender, age, personality, etc)
ㅤ- Pose and Expression: (Provide reference or short description)
7). Background : (With/No background. Provide reference or short description)
8). Additional Notes : (If you have a specific request, specific theme, private commission or commercial license you can fill it here)ㅤㅤㅤ